Words to express your mood

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

happyDescribe something that always makes you happy.
sadWhat makes you feel sad? What is the saddest movie, song, or story that you know?
confidentWhen do you feel the most confident? How does that affect your approach to work, tasks, etc.?
disgustDescribe the last time you felt disgusted towards something or someone. What was the reasoning?
carefree Have you ever felt carefree? Did you enjoy that feeling?
jealousWhen was the last time you felt jealous? How did you eventually deal with that feeling?
thankful Describe a time when you were genuinely thankful for something or someone. How do you show your appreciation for it?
importantWhen was the last time felt important? Did it feel like a lot of pressure, or did it feel reasonable and justified?
unsure What do you usually do when you are feeling unsure?
annoyedDescribe your response when you are getting annoyed by someone. Has your answer changed with age?
LovesickWhen was the last time you were lovesick over someone? Did they feel the same way?
stressed Describe the last time you were stressed. What do you think made that situation so stressful? Are you able to keep your composure during those moments? How?
horrifiedWhen was the last time you were horrified? Describe why it affected you so greatly.
attractive Describe the last time you felt attractive. How did that make you feel?
disinterestedWhen was the last time you felt utterly disinterested? Did you pretend to be interested or excuse yourself from the situation?
embarrassed Have you ever felt embarrassed? What was the situation? How did you resolve the tension?
content Describe a time when you felt content.
guiltyWhen was the last time felt guilty? Do you think you were too hard on yourself? Or did you deserve to feel guilty?
pleasedDo you feel pleased with your current line of work?

More words (Advanced)

anxiousWhat was the last thing that made you feel anxious? Why do you think it caused this reaction to you?
euphoricDescribe in some detail a time when you felt euphoric.
harmoniousHave you felt harmonious in your line of work? If so, how has that helped your growth? If not, why not?
petrifiedWhen was the last time you felt absolutely petrified?
elatedWhen was the last you felt elated? Does it still bring back good memories for you?

Success! You're on the list.

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