Words for Dining in/out

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

toastDo you enjoy making a toast at events? What do you like toasting the most?
complimentaryHave you received something complimentary? How did it make you feel?
appetizerWhat is your favorite appetizer to order at a restaurant? What has been your least favorite?
order inDo you enjoy cooking? Or do you prefer to order in?
entrée What is your favorite entrée to cook when hosting a dinner party?
dessert Do you usually eat dessert after dinner? What’s your usual choice?
bar When was the last time you went to the bar?
RSVPDo you find it easy to RSVP for a restaurant? Has it improved over the years?
buffetHave you ever been to a buffet? What was the best food you tried?
café What is your favorite café to go to?
tipDo you usually leave a tip after eating? Has there been a time when didn’t? Why?
feastWhen was the last time you had an enormous feast? What were some of the foods you enjoyed the most?
order Has a restaurant ever messed up your order? Did you send it back to be corrected, or did you eat it?
rushHave you ever been to a restaurant during a rush? How long did it take for you to order/eat?
doggie bag When eating a meal, do you usually finish your food or require a doggie bag?
cocktail partyHave you ever been to a cocktail party? How was your small talk?
specialsWhen eating out, do you ever ask for the day’s specials?
house wineDo you taste any difference in house wine vs. reserve
fast foodHow often do you eat fast food? What’s your favorite place to eat?

More words (Advanced)

garnishHave you ever eaten the garnish on your plate? Or do you usually only admire it?
bistroHave you ever eaten at a bistro? How was the food?
cutleryDo you prefer plastic or metal cutlery when you have guests over? Do you have cutlery that you only use on special occasions?
savouryDescribe the most savory meal you have eaten.
cuisineWhat has been your favorite local cuisine?

Success! You're on the list.

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