Top words to describe and use with business projects

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

conceptsHow would you explain your method for understanding a new concept and being able to explain it to others?
baseline What challenges could you identify that may make it hard to stay near or above a baseline?
collaboration How would you describe your approach when having to do collaboration projects? What tips could you give others who may struggle with collaborating?
flexible What positives could you give for being a flexible person? Would you describe yourself as a flexible person?
progress What is your method for getting more progress on a project when you feel stuck?
integrationExplain some benefits you think can come out of integration in the workplace. Any drawbacks?
delivery How do you feel your delivery is when giving a presentation/speaking to a group of others? What do you think still needs work?
milestones Describe a recent milestone you’ve achieved in a project. How did it feel to reach that? Did it make the finishing seem more realistic?
schedule How are you with scheduling time to work on a project/assignment? Do you find it easier or more challenging in a group?
activity Which business activity do you find the most interesting, operating, investing, or financing? Why?
requirements What are the requirements for your position? Did you have to have a particular amount of years of experience before?
timesheet How many hours do you usually clock on a timesheet? How much more do you put in when working on a big project?
objective What is your objective for your current career?
agileWould you say you have an agile mind?
taskWhat has been your most vital task?
framework What are the essential frameworks in your company?
concept Are you outspoken when it comes to concept development? Or do you usually keep your ideas to yourself?
quality How has the quality of your work grown since you’ve begun working? Or have you plateaued? Why do you think?

More words (Advanced)

consensusDo you find it easy to reach a consensus in your work? Why/ Why not?
stakeholderHave you ever had to communicate with stakeholders? How was that experience?
scopeDo you regularly achieve the scope you imagined from the beginning of a project?
risk mitigationHow beneficial would you say is risk mitigation? Can you describe any past situations where this process has helped you or someone you know
deliverable What have been your past experiences with deliverables?

Success! You're on the list.

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