Words for Traveling

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

customsDescribe your past experience going through customs. What is some advice you would give someone to make their experience easier?
tripWhat was the most surprisingly fun trip you’ve ever been on?
unpackHow long does it usually take you to unpack after a trip? Do you typically do it soon as you get home or later in the day/the next day?
cruise/cruising Describe a past cruise. How was that experience? / or Describe a cruise you wish to go on and why
currencyWhen you traveled, did you believe the currency exchange rates greatly impacted you? How did you adjust your spending to counteract that?
sightseeing What were some of the most beautiful things you saw while sightseeing?
passport Have you ever misplaced your passport before a trip? Do you know someone who lost theirs before or during a trip?
Translator applicationDescribe a time when a Translator App came in handy.
itinerary Are you someone who likes to write up an itinerary for vacation? or do you prefer not to plan and see what experiences come
baggage/carry-onAre you someone who tends to overpack their baggage for a trip? Or do you pack light and can travel with only a carry-on bag?
vacationDescribe your dream vacation. Who’s with you? What are you hoping to see/do?
souvenirWhat is your favorite souvenir from a past trip? Do you have a pleasant memory that you could share about it?
reservationsHave you ever made reservations for a hotel, and the room was canceled? Or Have you ever made reservations for a hotel, and it didn’t look like what you booked? Please explain
tourist What was your most fun experience as a tourist? What was your most awful experience as a tourist?
map Do you like to use a map when you’re in a new place?
resort Have you been on a cruise before? How was that experience? Would you go again?
transportationHow do you usually arrange transportation for trips? Do you rent a car or use local transportation like a train/bus or subway?
tourHave you ever taken a personal tour with a tour guide? What new things did you learn?
destinationWhen you travel, is it more about the destination or the journey?

More words (Advanced)

hostelIn your travels, have you ever stayed at a hostel? How was that experience
disembarkWhat was the most extended plane or train ride you’ve taken that you couldn’t wait to disembark from?
turbulenceWhat was your worst turbulence experience? Were you able to keep calm? How?
amenities Describe the best amenities you’ve received or experienced at a hotel/resort or cruise.
wanderHave you ever been a wanderer in a new place? How was that experience? Did you learn more about the area?

Success! You're on the list.

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