Active Business Verbs

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

assistHow do you go out of your way to assist others? How often do people assist you?
formulateHow do you usually formulate your approach when trying to resolve an issue?
replyDo you take a long time to reply to emails? How could you improve that?
qualifyWhat qualifies you to do your job?
reserveHow could the reserves in businesses be better used?
participateDo you like to participate in group activities?
apologizeWhat is your best approach when you apologize?
create How often do you get creative at work and create a new idea/product? What was the last thing you created?
informHow comfortable are you informing others of your ideas?
draftDo you usually create a draft before your final project, or do you get started immediately?
resignHave you ever resigned from a job? or Thought about it?
maintainAre you able to maintain your composure during stressful situations? How?
establishHave you established your place at your company?
preventWhat are steps you to take to prevent missing a deadline?
collaborateWhy is collaboration important in business?
transitionHow was your transition from University to Work-life?
draw upHow do you draw up a business plan?
reevaluateWhat is something someone has said that made you reevaluate your choices?
implementWhat are the best ways to implement change in the workplace?

More words (Advanced)

ReconcileDescribe when you had to reconcile a relationship with a client or employee. How did you approach the situation?
FacilitateDoes the work you do help facilitate people’s lives? Whether that be other coworkers/customers etc.? How?
appraisalWhen was the last time you had an appraisal at work? What improvements needed to be made?
solicitDo you feel comfortable in meetings when a manager or lead tries to solicit your views and ideas?
streamlineWhen was the last time you had to streamline a project?

Success! You're on the list.

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