Putting Out Fires

If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risks, really amazing things can happen.

– Marissa Mayer

Resolving Conflicts

The Phrase putting out fires means addressing multiple small problems that usually happen at work or in your personal life. However small they are, they must be dealt with quickly before they grow to bigger ones like real fire.


Examples that may cause you to be affected by many fires. Examples that may help you with resolving some fires.
“Are you waking up early enough so you don’t have to rush”“I have created a plan that will make almost every issue we have able to be handled.”
“No, maybe I should try to organize my task better.”“I am trying to tackle too much right now. May I have assistance on this project, please?”
“I waited till the last minute to finish.”“I am going to take a little bit of fresh air.”
“Did you hear everything in the meeting? There was some vital information.”“I am going to take a little bit of fresh air. I need to think more about this issue. “
“Can you handle all of that? Should you take on all of that?”” I have been working on complaining less when problems arise and coming up with plans at once.”

Questions/ Hypothetical Situations

Practice resolving and better handling smaller issues. Use the phrases that may help you resolve these issues to answer the questions. Use the phrases that may be causing these issues as a shortcoming to improve on

  1. Are you delegating all that you can?
  2. “Your manager asks you if you finished the end-of-quarter project, but your partner still hasn’t completed their half, and your computer decided today is the day to have issues.”
  3. Have you stopped multitasking?
  4. Describe a time when you had many fires to put out. How did you handle it, then? How will you handle it the next time?
  5. Are you blocking out time on your calendar to work?
  6. Describe how you would handle a confrontation between two employees.
  7. Describe your process when you open your email and see an inbox full of emails to which you need to resolve and respond.
  8. Are you dealing with the urgent or the important?
  9. “You have issues staying focused in meetings or conversations so you miss vital information.”
  10. Do you take mental breaks during and after the battle?

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