Giving and Responding to Compliments

Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. In any relationship, they are the applause that refreshes.

– Steve Goodier


When giving compliments, it is important to be genuine. False compliments can have the exact opposite effect. Give details, and try expounding on the compliment. On the other side, think of small compliments like “Great job on your presentation. ” When receiving a compliment, Say Thank you, ask follow-up questions and share more information to create a conversation.


“You made some great points in the meeting today.”“You make a bigger impact than you realize. Thank you for everything you do. “
“I could see how much effort you put into creating that strategy. Great work!”“When it comes to cooking, no one’s meals are quite as delicious.”
“You’re so organized.”“I love how you can turn even the simplest situation into something fun.”
“Your enthusiasm for the work inspires me to be enthusiastic too!”“After talking with you, I really feel good about my work. Thank you”
“You handle stress very well.”“You’re a great communicator”
I noticed how fast you and your team completed that project. I couldn’t believe you could finish it so quickly!“I heard about how you solved the troubleshooting issue. Your method was deceptively simple. It seems easy after the fact, but everyone was completely puzzled until you gave your ideas.”
“Your clothes are always so interesting. I wish I knew how to put outfits together the way you can!”“You have the neatest desk in the office. Have you always been so organized?”

Questions/ Hypothetical Situations

Answer the questions below to evaluate how you can give compliments and practice giving compliments.

  1. Who are some people at work that you admire?
  2. Your friend praises your child by saying, “You have a very smart child.”
  3. Who are some people in your personal like that admire?
  4. Your manager says, “You did an outstanding job on your final project for the quarter.”
  5. A coworker just completed his portion of a shared project days before the deadline.
  6. List compliments that you have received that meant the most to you.
  7. “You’ve been continuously impressing me with your success. Would you be interested in taking on a bigger role?
  8. How would you reply to a colleague who complimented you on growth from when you started?
  9. “I saw the presentation you gave, would you mind sharing that with me? It was really great, and I would love to use it myself!”
  10. One at a time, describe a person and state compliments you can give.

Success! You're on the list.

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