O sounds listening Test

O sounds

O sounds: Business Terms

Choose which sound you hear on the O spelling:

Schwa = O as in mother – sch
Short O = O as in hot – so
Long O = O as in role – lo
  1. We have to consider how to communicate.

a. Consider ____ b. Communicate ____

2. I am trying to compose a new email about the new coding requirements.

a. Compose ____ ____ b. Coding ____

3. Let’s develop a test in a controlled environment together.

a. develop ____ b. controlled ____ c. Together ____

4. I need a new docking station to optimize my performance.

a. Docking ____ b. Optimize ____ c. Performance ____

5. We need to convert these records and reconstruct the data.

a. Convert ____ b. Records ____ c. Reconstruct ____

6. My business coach encourages me to focus on my long-term goals.

a. Coach ____ b. Encourages ____ c. Focus ____ d. Goals ____

7. We need a tutor for our son who can observe his learning methods.

a. Tutor ____ b. Son ____ c. Observe ____ d. Methods ____

8. Let’s resolve the issue by negotiating well.

a. Resolve ____ b. Negotiating ____

9. We operate with transparency and will give you our business forecasts.

a. Operate ____ b. Forecasts ____

10. Let’s contact several professionals and collaborate as authors of this project.

a. Contact ____ b. Professionals ____ c. Authors ____ d. Project ____

Success! You're on the list.

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