O Sounds Listening: Animals

O sounds

O sounds: Animals

Choose which sound you hear on the O spelling:

Schwa = as in mother
Short O = as in hot
Long O = as in role

1. The crocodile and the alligator are relatives.

a. Crocodile ____ b. Alligator ____

2. The robin, the crow, and the dove live in urban and suburban areas.

a. Robin ____ b. Crow ____ c. Dove ____

3. The monkey and the gorilla are relatives.

a. Monkey ____ b. Gorilla ____

4. Grass-eaters vary from buffalo to antelope.

a. Buffalo ____ b. Antelope ____

5. Dolphins and porpoises have subtle differences in their mouths and teeth.

a. Dolphins ____ b. Porpoises ____ ____

6. The salmon is prized for its taste, but cod is considered plain.

a. Salmon ____ b. Cod ____

7. A mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse.

a. Donkey ____ b. Horse ____

8. Otters, Frogs, and Toads live near bodies of water.

a. Otters ____ b. Frogs ____ c. Toads ____

9. Living near the edge of the city, we sometimes see opossums and foxes.

a. Opossums ____ b. Foxes ____

10. Lions, Rhinoceroses, and Hippos live in Africa.

a. Lions ____ b. Rhinoceroses ____ c. Hippos ____

Success! You're on the list.

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