Listening for O sounds

O sounds

Food-related words: O sounds

Listen to the sentences. Identify the O sounds in these food-related words. Label them like this:

Short O in Hot: S
Long O in No: L
Schwa Sound: Sch
  1. The chopsticks are beside the bowl.

chopstick ____ bowl ____

2. They had oats, bacon, and oranges for breakfast.

oats ____ bacon ____ oranges ____

3. He had toast, an omelet, and some slices of melon.

toast ____ omelet ____ melon ____

4. Do you want to order coffee or soda?

order ____ coffee ____ soda ____

5. Our oven is broken, but the stove works.

oven ____ stove ____

6. The tea was flavored with lemon and honey.

flavored ____ lemon ____ honey ____

7. She added pomegranate seeds and carrots to her romaine lettuce salad.

pomegranate ____ carrots ____ romaine ____

8. When we went hiking, we took granola bars and a bag of almonds.

granola ____ almonds ____

9. I like to order pepperoni pizza with onions, olives, and extra mozzarella.

pepperoni ____ onions ____ olives ____ mozzarella ____

10. Her Stomach doesn’t like milk, so she buys soy yogurt.

stomach ____ yogurt ____

11. The salmon was served with corn and a roll.

salmon ____ corn ____ roll ____

12. Saffron and cloves added flavor to the cod fish.

saffron ____ cloves ____ cod ____

Now sort the words above by putting them in the right columns.

Short O in HotLong O in NoReduced O, Schwa Sound
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Work with your partner. Think of some other words with O sounds. You can think of more food-related words or think about another topic, such as family, directions, household stuff, or words related to nature. Create a list, and we will discuss the sounds as a class.

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