Advanced Vocabulary: Other

Click on the”video” to repeat the words or phrases after the instructor. Practicing the words will help you understand the rules and gain further improvements. 

quiet, quite, quitceiling – sailing – selling
qualifyserious vs. series
seek/ sickput the mind at ease
how to useboring/ ed
what its likely to bewhat it’s like to live in poverty
if it’sit’s likely that it’ll rain
what it means to be a NorwegianChicago
mere mortallaundry list
how to dostay connected
say. talk. telladapt/adopt
bored/boardmight’ve (dropped h’s)
get (t = d, in numerous phrases)silhouette (u as w)
anxietyget a good look
fit in (with a group)conquer/concur
but it’llon the spur of the moment
wherewithalthat’s a polite way of putting it (ironic, putting = saying)
not in the best shape (overweight) he doesn’t want the truth shoved in his face
what do you (silent T in what)

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