Advanced Vocabulary: Other

Click on the”video” to repeat the words or phrases after the instructor. Practicing the words will help you understand the rules and gain further improvements. 

(Will Insert Video Here)

quiet, quite, quitceiling – sailing – selling
qualifyserious vs series
seek/ sickput mind at ease
how to useboring/ ed
what its likely to bewhat it’s like to live in poverty
if it’sit’s likely that it’ll rain
what it means to be a NorwegianChicago
mere mortallaundry list
how to dostay connected
say. talk. telladapt/adopt
bored/boardmight’ave (dropped h’s)
get (t = d, in numerous phrases)silhouetter (u as w)
anxietyget a good look
fit in (with a group)conquer / concur
but it’llon the spur of the moment
wherewithalthat’s a polite way of putting it (ironic, putting = saying)
not in the best shape (overweight) he doesn’t want the truth shoved in his face
what do you (silent T in what)

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