Speak in the Past Tense: Verb List 5

To practice speaking in the past tense, use these questions as a starting point. Answer the question and continue speaking to tell a story or elaborate on your answer.

* With these -ed ending words, there may be words that end with a D” sound because of the “b, g, l, m, n, r, w, v, y, a, e, i, o, u” before the “-ed.” There may also be words that end with a “T” sound because c/k, f (gh or ph), j, (dge),p, s, z, sh, ch before the “-ed,”….or may end with the regular “-ed” sound because there is a “d or t” before the “-ed.”

amplifiedHave you ever amplified your resumé to make it sound better?
appointedHave you ever been appointed to be a team leader? how was that experience?
arranged Is your office desk well arranged?
assessedTell me about a time you assessed a client’s issue.
attainedDo you think success can be attained by subpar work?
authorizedWhat does it mean to be an authorized user?
admiredWho have you admired the most in your life?
bridged Have you ever bridged a gap between you and a successor?
boostedWhen was the last time you boosted your income?
beggedWhen was the last time someone begged you for something?
broadened When was the last time you broadened your horizons?
collectedName something you or someone you know collected in the past.
comparedWhen was the last time you compared yourself to another person?
collidedHave you ever collided with one of your co-workers?
createdDo you think the news has created a lot of confusion?

Success! You're on the list.

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