Speak in the Past Tense: Verb List 4

To practice speaking in the past tense, use these questions as a starting point. Answer the question and continue speaking to tell a story or elaborate on your answer.

* With these -ed ending words, there may be words that end with a D” sound because of the “b, g, l, m, n, r, w, v, y, a, e, i, o, u” before the “-ed.” There may also be words that end with a “T” sound because c/k, f (gh or ph), j, (dge),p, s, z, sh, ch before the “-ed,”….or may end with the regular “-ed” sound because there is a “d or t” before the “-ed.”

acceleratedDo you believe your comprehension of English has accelerated?
accumulated What was the amount of your accumulated income last month?
acquiredDo you believe you have acquired a reputation for being honest or dishonest?
advancedHow have you advanced in your career?
advocatedHow have you advocated for marginalized groups?
alignedDo you feel your work ethic is aligned with your coworkers?
analyzedDescribe the last time you analyzed a co-worker’s work
aimedHave you ever felt a comment was aimed at you even though it wasn’t directly said to you?
assembledWhen was the last time you and your work team assembled for a project?
assignedWhat is the worst project you were assigned? And why?
appraisedDo you think employees should be appraised as a team or individually?
accomplishedWhat was the last thing you accomplished at work?
achievedWhat is the most recent milestone you feel you have achieved?
administeredHave you ever administered CPR before?
advisedHave you ever been advised by your parents to do something one way, but you did it your own way?

Success! You're on the list.

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