Speak in the Past Tense: Verb List 2

To practice speaking in the past tense, use these questions as a starting point. Answer the question and continue speaking to tell a story or elaborate on your answer.

Example: What is something you accepted about yourself?

I accepted that I would never be liked by everyone I met. It is impossible to please everyone and still be your true authentic self. So as long as you trust yourself and put your best foot first, people will see your good qualities.

* In this list, all the -ed endings are pronounced with the “ed” sound, because of the “d or t” before the “ed,” e.g., accepted sounds like acceptED.

acceptedWhat is something you accepted about yourself?
actedDescribe someone who acted in a certain way.
admittedName a school to which you were admitted.
decidedName something you decided on last week.
expectedName a recent time when you expected to meet with someone.
includedWhat is included in your health insurance or your rent?
indicatedName something that statistics have indicated recently.
lastedDescribe how long an event lasted.
neededName something you needed recently.
reportedDescribe an event reported in the news.
startedName something you started recently
suggestedName something that was suggested to you.
testedName something that is tested regularly.
waitedName a time you waited in the last week or month.
wantedName something you wanted recently.

Success! You're on the list.

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